Ratings of HBO

Now, we are moving towards the ratings of this HBO application. By reviewing the ratings of HBO application, you will be able to get the reviews of users more clearly.

The ratings of HBO are segregated into two different portions. This is because of the megabox reason that two versions of HBO are recently in function. The HBO Now as well as the HBO Go.

According to the users of android operating system users, the HBO Go is rated as 3. 8. It is liked by a lot of people around the world. On the other hand, HBO Now is rated as 3.9/ 5. So, now you can get an idea of how people are liking the services of HBO Now as well as HBO GO.

The ratings of IOS operating system users is different from the android operating system users. So, now we are going to shed some light on the ratings if IOS users. The iPhone users have given this application almost 3. 0/5. So, we can say that this application is providing valuable services to the users.

Permissions to use the game hacker

When you install software on your cell phone, it asks for some permission. These permissions are taken game hacker so that the software can change the values and mods of the cell phones. When you install the game hacker software, if will ask for the certain permissions and these are given below:

Read data: By approving this, you will give the software the access to read the data from the cell phone as well as from the SD card. This is very important because by reading the data, the software will be able to find all the games on the device

Modify data: when you install the application, you will also allow the software to modify the data of the cell phone and the SD card. This will enable the software to modify the values of the games and this will help you to play the game in a good way.

Notifications: By approving this, the application will get the access to the lock and the home screen so that the notifications can be easily displayed.

Lucky Patcher: A check within for your installed apps

Having an internal check for your apps lucky patcher is a great advantage for your mobile handset. Your Android device stands a great risk when it is loaded with apps. Though apps are helpful and allow direct access to different portals, they also have their share of disadvantages. With your device constantly exposed to internet is becomes vulnerable and exposed to hacking. This threat could be checked by installing Lucky Patcher.

Lucky Patcher is an application specifically designed for cell phones and tablets working on Android platforms. This app in itself does not have anti-hacking properties but could control the functioning of other installed applications. With this app you could manipulate other apps present in your device. It would prevent an app in behaving otherwise than its normal self. In case any app is impaired or hacked it is immediately detected by Lucky Patcher. Any deviation from normal behaviour is noted and reported by this app.

Round the clock enjoyment with Videoder app

If you own an Android mobile cell phone or a tablet then round the clock entertainment is a distinct possibility. Once your device is empowered with Videoder app you are at liberty to download and watch music albums or videos of your choice irrespective of thier format or resolution. This application supports videos in 4K, 144P, 240P, 480P, 720P, 1080P, 60fps, and MP3 formats.

Videoder application being compatible with several sites allows downloading from them. It is possible to videoder multi-select videos and music albums and download them with a single tap. The easy to use interface of this application makes it convenient to watch your favourite albums or videos in a jiffy. Your video watching would be completely uninterrupted as commercials would be shut out.  With this effortless downloading of your favourite numbers there is little chance of feeling bored. An Android gadget with Videoder app could keep you entertained during recess, while commuting, at leisure, or whenever you have nothing else to do.


Relive your golden years with Cinema Box

School going and college going years are considered the golden phase of human life. These years are full of fun, indulgence and frolicking.

Responsibilities are restricted to academics, sports and games, and pastimes. The release of a new cinema would bring in tremendous enthusiasm and there would be virtual competitions among friends as to who would be the first to watch it. Though these moments could not be brought back, but the old movies could be watched on your mobile phone or tablet.

The olden days could be relived cinema box apk with the assistance of Cinema Box application, especially designed for smartphones. This app works on Android and iPhones. The usage is not limited to mobile phones but extends to laptops, tablets and even desktops provided they have Android or iOS operating platforms. The availability of this application is got from ‘unknown sources’ and is free. Once downloaded your internet accessible device becomes a gadget for viewing your favourite movies dating back to your school and college days. On watching these movies you would certainly relive your golden years.

OG YouTube cuts across generations

Music is one form og youtube of entertainment that cuts across age, occupation, gender, and community. YouTube offers you not only music videos, but also films and cartoons.

But watching YouTube on your mobile phone comes with the trouble of buffering and format compatibility. These problems have been taken care by OG YouTube app. This application available free over internet completes downloading of YouTube videos on device memory without interrupting its normal functioning.

This application is a runaway hit among users of all ages as it offers uninterrupted entertainment in watching of music videos or listening. Downloading and playing of audios is also a possibility with this app. Be it film music of the1960’s and 70’s, or the musical albums of the current period, OG YouTube allows you to download YouTube videos of your choice. Elderly people who are more used to listening to songs rather than watching them, could just download the audio portion and enjoy them.

The advertisement strategies of the Viva video app

In order to advertise the application, the vivavideo developers took a number of steps that did not only promoted the app but also got the positive reviews from the users. Social media is used by the developers to advertise the application. Although, Google Play store refused to put the application with its other devices, but still developers used different websites to make it useful.

The application also has its own official website from where the users can download it and use it in different devices. An amazing thing about the application is that, whenever any new version is launched by the users, the application is automatically updated. So the user don’t need to follow the directions and check its update regularly.

All the advertisement strategies make the developers successful in introducing the new features of the application to the users. The target audience of the application were the beginner video editing professionals.


How to Use ShowBox App?

It was not as easy to download and stream videos and movies as it is now using ShowBox app. People have to surf a lot of sites to download movies and episodes of their favorite TV shows. Sometimes they use torrents or third party software to download videos and TV shows. Even after spending a lot of time on searching, they cannot find the exact link.

ShowBox is the fast and easy video streaming and downloading application. People can download or watch videos from different sites without spending money. Using the download option the users can watch the episodes later as well.

 The application is user-friendly, and anyone can use it easily.

The application can be downloaded in low ROM devices, and it uses less Ram. The users can download and watch videos from many categories using this application. To use the ShowBox application, download the app on your device, whether it is Android, MacBook or a PC.

Options in ShowBox:

Tap the ShowBox icon on your device; as soon as the icon is tapped the app will open. Now showbox apk you can see different things and options on your screen. There are various options such as shows, movies, my library and update.


In the movies option, you can find all the movies from different genres and in different languages. Search for the movies you want to watch and enjoy streaming it or you can download them as well.


In shows tab, you can find the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows. Tap on the shows icon and watch the latest episodes.

My Library:

In my library option, your favorite movies and TV shows are found. You can find them in library option in no time and can stream them.

Now open ShowBox and tap on the search bar at the top left a corner of the screen and then find the videos, movies or TV shows you want to stream. There are three options at the right corner of the screen using which the searching can be done in the fastest way. They are named as sort by, genre and year.

The users can also download them. Hit the video that you want to download and tap on the download button. After tapping the download button, you will have to select the video resolution or quality. The download will start and will be completed in few minutes.

Reasons for slow transmission in Zapya app

It is not a fact that the transmission process zapya of files in the Zapya app is always a long process. Generally, the process is very fast and efficient and your files will be transmitted quickly. Following are some of the reason for which the app may give you slow operations:

  • The Wi-Fi of the device may create problems. So it is recommended that you should check the internet connection of the phone.
  • The graphical user interface of the application is very simple, but still there are some complications that cause problems for the people in transferring the files.
  • If you are running multiple applications at one time in your phone, then you will definitely face problems. It is recommended that you should close all the applications in your phone and then you can improve the transmission speed of your device.


What to expect while using Freedom apk

Freedom apk is the best app that anyone can use when it comes to hacking freedom.apk different games. You may get the game resources with the freedom app by the use of its in-app purchase option.  The apk will modify the in-app purchase features and it will populate the accounts within the game resource and there is no need to pay for anything with this app.  The software is now the latest trend in the game community and the user will be able to enjoy the free resources whenever he wants to. 

How popular Freedom apk is

The apk had become popular overnight, it boosts over 5 million downloads and it was able to get to the imagination of the game community.  There are many apps such as Freedom and it is used to hack the android application and it can perform the same task as other hacking tools.

The latest apk at the market is available to download and the user can get the premium feature with it. 

The app can hack the most popular games like Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Hay Day, Clash of Kings, Game of War – Fire Age, Clash Royale, Plant vs Zombies 2, Clash of Clans and Boombeach. Compared to other apks, many people go for Freedom app because it is stress free, it supports all the in-app purchase and it is easy to use. The app will be able to hack any type of the game that requires the in-app purchase facility.

Why you should use Freedom apk for your needs

It is safer compared to other hacking tools.  With the app, you are able to get the unlimited game resources like diamond, gems and coins. You will be able to use it any time of the day for the in-purchase of game resources. The apk can be operated by anyone.  The app has a beautiful GUI and it is stable and it is never going to crash.

You should make sure that you updated the app since the early versions were crashing during the purchase; you had to root the Smartphone so that you can install it. With the app, you should be able to hack any game.  It is always safe to use the Freedom apk for any game you are playing.  However, there are some people who may think that it is not ethical to hack the games. If you are ok with hacking, then you can download this app and to start enjoying free resources

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