Our Purpose

Single life coaching to a bigger, better and happier single life, for the unmarried, divorced and widowed.
This is where to find help adjusting to and finding the information needed to make your single life great. A place for the American single man and single woman to find “What Works” in this life style. Developing single chat rooms with help from peers who have been there and done that. Online adult dating tips and advice presented in an easy to absorb manner from people who are in the same “Singles” book, just a few chapters ahead.

Your Life Will Change

For The Better

Thousands have gone from what was the worst time of their life to the “Best Time of Their Life.” You can too.
Single people just like you, Location Unimportant
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How do you get started?”
Before you jump in, learn what your options are in getting on with your new happy successful life as

SINGLES CHAT BOARD , SINGLES TALK SHOP Our latest web site addition: Harlan’s new Chat board, SINGLES TALK SHOP. Help create a singles community on the web…a safe place where newly singled and well adjusted long term singles can both ask questions, offer advice, share concerns and experiences, laugh, cry, learn, Singles Talk Shop,