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Single Life Coach

Single life relationship coach with love and romance tips - plus - adult dating chat

Our Purpose
Single life coaching to a bigger, better and happier single life, for the unmarried, divorced and widowed.
This is where to find help adjusting to and finding the information needed to make your single life great. A place for the American single man and single woman to find "What Works" in this life style. Developing single chat rooms with help from peers who have been there and done that. Online adult dating tips and advice presented in an easy to absorb manner from people who are in the same "Singles" book, just a few chapters ahead.

Janet Hi. My name is Janet Jacobsen and I am the editor of two singles newspaper s in addition to being author and editor of much of the online singles content. I am currently working on my doctorate in Communications at Arizona State University.

I am the daughter of the newspaper ' s founder, Harlan Jacobsen .

Trust us, no matter where you are in your single life right now, you can can develop a bigger, better, happier successful life as a single person.
Check our several singles websites, with new articles monthly, sign up for our free online singles newsletters, email courses and of course subscribe to our print edition popular singles newspaper
' s. You will soon know how to get your single life growing and going!

Your Life Will Change

For The Better

Thousands have gone from what was the worst time of their life to the "Best Time of Their Life." You can too.

Single people just like you, Location Unimportant

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What is the secret? What is

The Secret?

Find Out!

"How do you get started?"
Before you jump in, learn what your options are in getting on with your new happy successful life as a single person. More!

Dating as a newly single person Looking for Love?
Do you really need a significant other to make your new life as a single person work?

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WARNING, These divORCE RECOVERY 101 Lessons Can Change Your Life. Read the "one major lesson" all divorced learn.

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National Statistics Indicate:
Single life coach .com "50% Of Your Married Friends Will Become Suddenly Single" - "divORCE"
Of those remaining together, 50% will become suddenly single by being widowed.  These folks are going to look to and need a friend like you that has learned to live a happy successful life as a single person. One who can help coach them on to an exciting new life like yours has turned out to be.

Will You Be Ready?

You do not need a lot of money You Do Not Need a Lot of Money

7 Strategies For Lasting Happiness As A Single Person - You can learn on the web and via what is delivered by email. Learn what you need to know to succeed in your single life, in small easy steps -

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How To Avoid Greatest Mistakes As A Single Person How To Avoid Major Mistakes
Learn about the biggest mistakes in adjusting to single life.

Mistakes To Look At!

Single life coach .com Key

Here are just a few samples of our articles that will help you get started thinking and moving in the right direction...

  Social Isolation Can Be Harmful To Your Health

  Build New Singles Family From Zero
  Coaching Help Basics for Newly divorced
  divorce Effect on Social Security Entitlements
  What Else Can Really Matter With Social Security and divorce
  Laid Off, Recession End Dating?
  Coping As A Single Person Not Easy
  Timing Is Everything In Dating
  Lets Talk About Love and Sex
  Everyone You Have First Contact With Today...Give Them A Gift
  Study Reports How Online Romances Develop,
Article written by Janet L. Jacobsen (daughter of Harlan)
  Commitment, Will they or wont they
  You Need To Touch
  Handling "Kids do not want me to go out"
  Babysitting Problem
  Caution, On Giving Out Phone Numbers
  Hit or Miss: How to tell if you're clicking on the first date
  Going Steady, definition of an Exclusive Relationship
  Happiness as a Single Person 
  6 Dating Mistakes to Avoid
  A Warm Fuzzy Story
  Distributing Warm and Friendly Fuzzies everywhere you go
  Practice Giving Out Warm Fuzzies everywhere you go
  Singles Say How They Meet
Being Single Can Kill You
Three Ways to Get On With Single Life
Get Going
Share Your Problems With a Friend
Are You Ready For Dating?
Who Are Your Friends?
Meet Here
Make It Easy To Meet
How to start a singles support group
Setting Goals
Rule for Blind Dating Successfully
  Attitude is a Big Part of Dating Success
  Hanging Out With Single Friends
  Set Up Goals for the Happy Single Life
   Disposable "Junk Person" Feeling
   Telephone Romance Enhancer
  Speed Up divorce Recovery
  Reprint Articles
  How To Tell Who Is Interested

Singles Dating Again?

Dating Again
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Single life coach .com Death of a New Relationship
Often a major setback to success and happiness. Becomes a major problem to adjust and get on with life
Bounce back faster!

Develop many new single friends Develop A Network of Single Friends
Find out how you can develop a "Singles Family" of friends. Tell me more about this single life coaching. More
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Where Do We Get Off Giving Singles Advice? Actually over a 30 year period we have accumulated vaults full, but are primarily interested in what works. Find out How you sort the wheat from the chaff.

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handling rejection Just Posted.......  
9 Part Series On Rejection
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easy ways to meet singles We Want To Help You Succeed As A Happy Single Person

You can get from a bad time in your life to the best time of your life in a short time
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Singles Seminar
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Raising kids as a single parent
Raising Kids Alone Raising Kids As A Single Parent
- Adults go splat, your kids can bounce.  If you are a  mess, your kids become a mess .  They are a mirror of you.  If you thrive and flourish your children will also thrive with this new beginning.  So as the airline stewardess says..... Continued....

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